What Working With Us Looks Like

Live Your Best Life

Leaders go first. We believe too many entrepreneurs struggle to be seen or charge enough. We see you, the whole entrepreneur, to shift the visible or invisible with you!

Group Programs

*Naked Alchemy

You'll want to be a part of this amazing Community where we share the path of transformation and intimate connection. Surrender to your vulnerability and allow for deeper intimacy and trust in your relationships. LIVE classes every Thursday at 7pm EST. Recordings saved in the membership portal for access at anytime.

*New classes starting Feb 3, 2022 - see our Programs page for registration

*Healing from Controlling Religions, Cults & Abusive Relationships

Recorded Group zoom calls - 12-week Course - Self-Study; Learn to deprogram and rewire your brain to find healthy attachments and relationships going forward. Includes two 30 minute 1:1 sessions with Christine Cardoza for Q&A + Integration. Link for registration is coming - at this time book a call for payment and registration.

*The Empowered Woman (Healers) Call Mondays 5pm EST

FREE!! Empowering former Jehovah's Witness ladies to build self esteem, steps on

self healing, and heal high mind control. Email us or book a call for more information.

One on One Coaching or Healing Sessions - Book direct

Work with Christine for Business or Healing Session

Work with Virginia for Meditation or Healing Session

First time Single 45 min Intro-session $111 CAD or 3x1 hour deeper dive session $555 CAD packages available (taxes applicable for Canadian residents)

Free Ebook Offers

Christine Cardoza - The Steps to Self Healing

Virginia Fantasia - Step One to Living Your Best Life; A Basic Guide to Meditation

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Our 3 words:

Community - Being with others who understand you and your vision.

Not feeling alone. We grow and heal in community.

Clarity - LOVING your life, who you serve and how.

Being an energetic match to abundance in all areas

Strategy - You want ease and flow, simple, easy to follow disciplined tasks for healing or in your business, low tech strategy, accountability, incorporating masculine structure & feminine pleasure for true balance in all areas of your life.

You are here for a reason and it's no fun to grow all alone. Surround yourself with other like minded changemakers who are here to create change -

In the sea of voices, it's time to shine as the bright lighthouse in your business!!

Book a FREE discovery call to see how we can serve you, and if we are not able, some direction on where you can go for help

To JOIN our community go to our PROGRAMS page and scroll down to CREATE FREE ACCOUNT and gain access to our meditation classes and MORE FREE content as it's released!