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Conscious Living Village

A Spiritual Community for Entrepreneurs

Our Conscious Living Village is a multidimensional business training program for the starter or growth stage Spiritual entrepreneur, Intuitive, Mystic, Lightworker.

You know you are here for something bigger but need help organizing the pieces and bringing your business ideas into reality. Someone to walk with you on your own healing and expansion of Self. The Village is a beautiful place for spiritual entrepreneurs to gather and learn, collaborate, heal and expand. We guide you to ‘Elevate Your Vision’ & get your message or gift out to the world in a bigger, more impactful way!

We provide you with the tools, the guidance and the support to truly connect to your inner compass and move through your own healing and releasing from a deep place within, how to connect to the energy of your business for more healing, expansion and transformation for you and your clients, magnify your intuitive gifts & amplify your impact.

Magnetically draw in your soul aligned clients as you learn how to be the luminescent lighthouse in your business. And become a part of an amazing heart-led community of like-minded Mystic's and Witch's like yourself!

Semester 1 of our CONSCIOUS LIVING VILLAGE has begun! The Village is this magnificent online community for Spiritual entrepreneurs, Lightworkers, Mediums, Psychics, Reiki, Healers, Yogis, Holistic Practitioners, Coaches & more…

Classes include Lightworkers Lounge (intuitive business support, money coaching & bookkeeping guidance), Meditation & Visioning, Spiritual Chat Room, Naked Alchemy (a guide to deep inner healing), Healer’s Hour (a time for you to receive), Esoteric Movement, Inner Child, Soul Retrieval and more.

Check out our LIGHTWORKERS LOUNGE OPEN HOUSE REPLAYS. Even though you missed the live classes this is still an opportunity for you to gain some free Business Support, meet our coaching Team and have an opportunity to learn a little more about the Conscious Living Village

COME.…get support for not only your business but for the healing and transformation of Self & learning how to up-level and integrate those soul lessons with your business to allow you to make a bigger impact in the world!!

We hosted the Lightworkers Lounge

Open House to give people a little taste of what

it's like to be a part of our Conscious Living Village.

Lightworkers Lounge is just one of the classes available

to our entrepreneurs and members within the Village.

These sessions are packed with tons of insight and free

business coaching!

Program details:

The Conscious Living Village is a 9 month program consisting of 3 semesters.

Semester 1: March 7 to May 27 2022

Semester 2: May 30 to August 19 2022

Summer Break: August 20 to September 4 2022

Semester 3: September 5 to November 18 2022

During the 3 semesters our members have access to a FULL calendar of classes designed to support them both in their healing journey with Self and through to the expansion of themselves in their business. Elevate their business vision and make a bigger impact on the world! (more details on class times in the link below)

All classes are recorded and saved in the course portal on our Website where students can come back to review any of the materials at their leisure.

We offer a monthly payment plan of $222 CAD/month from March to November 2022 or pay in full at $1998 CAD and receive this fabulous BONUS...A 60-minute 1:1 Intuitive Business Call with Christine Cardoza.


Safe Vulnerability - Intimacy - Sacred Sexuality

The Healing Soul School presents:


A coming home to your divine self!

Scroll down for the link to view our Intro Class and

get a taste for what you'll be learning.

You'll want to be a part of this amazing Community where we share the path of transformation and intimate connection. Surrender to your vulnerability and allow for deeper intimacy and trust in your relationships.

Naked Alchemy Intro class

This program is designed for those of you that are READY to:

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy
  • Connection to yourself + others on a deeper level
  • Learning to be vulnerable + emotional intelligence
  • Healing old patterns that no longer serve you
  • Creating more meaningful relationships
  • Better sex and connection! Even if you are single
  • Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakra support

Naked Alchemy 2022!!!

Naked Alchemy Q&A Tuesday's on Clubhouse

Naked Alchemy Member Zoom Classes 7pm est Thursdays

  • 12 sessions on Safe Vulnerability (Healing old patterns, triggers, Emotional intelligence foundation, Balancing your Masculine & Feminine energy, innerstanding Intuition in your body)
  • 8 sessions creating Deeper Intimacy with self and others, the 6 stages of a relationship, how to express yourself clearly
  • 12 sessions awakening your Sacred Sexuality and turning on bliss like states

Join Our Community! FREE membership

Creating calm, clarity and connection

The Healing Soul School presents:


Discover how to create your perfect meditation practice with Virginia Maskell-Fantasia.

If creating or enhancing your meditation practice is something that's been on your radar then you're in the right place! Please sign up to enjoy this FREE course; LEARN TO MEDITATE

This course consists of 7 videos sharing meditations, styles and tools for you to utilize in the creation of your own practice. Helping you find what feels right for you. You can't get meditation wrong! How it feels to you is exactly perfect! It's more about creating a consistent daily practice and #giturbuttinthechair

Meditation 101 Workshop

Click on the above link to access the welcome video in the course. This is a workshop that talks about the benefits of meditation and some tips to create your own practice.


  • release stuck emotions
  • balance your chakras
  • relieve anxiety
  • reduce stress
  • create connection with your inner guidance system
  • connect to that state of calm within
  • emotional well-being
  • increase productivity

For more 1:1 meditation support please book a call with Virginia to discuss ways to support you on your journey