Are you avoidant and have a hard time with commitment?

Do you feel clingy from a fear of abandonment or rejection?

Did you grow up in a codependent family?

Naked Alchemy can help you build secure relationships,

starting with yourself!

  • Know you are safe to be seen
  • Feel safe being your authentic self
  • Drop the Good girl/Good boy syndrome
  • Rewire your blueprint to transform shame into acceptance
  • Be magnetic by exuding an unspoken confidence
  • Heal Generational trauma in the sex organs
  • Clear your 1st three chakras - Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus
  • Feel empowered - From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

The Healing Soul School presents:


Coming home to your Divine Self!

Scroll down for the link to view our Intro Class and

get a taste for what you'll be learning.

A safe, and secure Community where

we all share the path of transformation and intimate connection...

before the clothes come off.


  • Weekly Group call options:

Clubhouse Tuesdays 930-11am est or Zoom Thursdays 7-830pm est

  • Private Community support while you integrate the learning

This program is designed for those who are READY to:

*Balance your Masculine and Feminine energy

*Connect to yourself on a deeper level

*Trust your intuition more

*Learn how to be vulnerable in a safe way

*Better communication skills and healthy boundaries

*Heal inner child, Mother, or Father wounds

*Create deeper more meaningful relationships

*Deeper intimacy & being open to receive

*Sacred Sexuality - confident self expression

*Exploring soft kink and other new ways to connect in bed

*More intimacy leads to better orgasms and sex life!

Meet your Instructor

Christine Cardoza

Christine Cardoza has a heart for helping others

End their Emotional Suffering.

Christine grew up in a chaotic, strict religious and alcoholic environment.

Christine understands dysfunctional family patterns and

how to begin healing them.

At the age of 12, Christine heard her parents having sex and this caused her to shut down deep inside. To hide because of a fear of sounding weird, being different, or not being fully accepted.

That common fear of not feeling safe to ask for what you really want.

This affected all areas of her life and she is now helping others heal any emotional or relationship dysfunction, connecting to your soul self on a deeper level so you can feel confident from within to be able to enjoy uninhibited

intimacy and pleasure in all areas of your life.

As a guide, Empath, and Energy Healer, she intuitively can see the patterns that are keeping you stuck or hiding. Anywhere you were controlled in childhood and finding where you may be controlling yourself or others now to break the cycle.

Naked Alchemy was designed to build new healthy patterns and the words for more effective communication leading to a stronger connection in all of your relationships.

To boldly ask for what you really want from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Naked Alchemy helps you find the courage and strength to open up to deeper connections, feel seen, heard or accepted unconditionally, from the inside out. Building the emotional skills we weren't taught growing up because our parents also weren't taught these important skills for secure relationship attachments.

By taking a look at early childhood attachment patterns, we can easily remove any emotional or energetic weeds that are keeping you in an emotional jail. Time to stop hiding or playing small, and learn the tools that break the fear of rejection or fear of abandonment cycles.

You can live an exciting and fulfilling life where you are in the driver's seat and having the time of your life. Just like when a baby is running down the beach naked without a care in the world and free from what others may think.

Imagine living completely Free!

Christine Cardoza is a Speaker, Intuitive Business Coach, Author,

Energy Healer and CoFounder at Healing Soul School

Guest sexperts and speakers will appear for the

Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality sections

This program is designed for those of you that are READY to:

  • Balance your masculine and feminine energy
  • Connecting to yourself on a deeper level
  • Learning safe vulnerability
  • Healing the inner child, Mother, or Father wounds
  • Creating deeper more intimate relationships
  • Healing any numbness in your sexual organs

IMAGINE being in a secure relationship....

1. without the fear of losing yourself


2. the fear of being controlled by someone else?!

IMAGINE how good it would feel to recognize and trust any

red flags early on in your physical or energy body!?

IMAGINE having the courage to stand up for yourself?!

IMAGINE knowing HOW to connect to yourself and others in a deeper intimate way?

IMAGINE understanding your Feminine and Masculine energy inside and when to use each one?

There's a time for the Warrior action type Masculine energy and a time for the softer, nurturing Kitten like Feminine energy - regardless of gender! MEOW!

NAKED ALCHEMY will give you these skills and so much more!!!


  • Classes start Thursday February 3, 2022
  • Safe Vulnerability & Secure Relationship Patterns - 12 weeks
  • Deeper Intimacy with Self & Others - 8 weeks
  • Sacred Sexuality - 12 weeks

Total Cost: $800 CAD

(plus tax for Canadian Residents)

Monthly Payment Options Available at time of check out

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