Meet Christine and Virginia


Hello! I'm Christine and I am an Intuitive Business Coach, Visionary and Energy Healer.

I have been a helper & fixer my whole life. I love helping spiritual entrepreneurs and changemakers who are here to make a difference, clear what's standing in the way and get seen.

It's not just about business strategy and pricing, I see YOU, the whole entrepreneur.

As a guide and visionary, I help you get really clear on your path and remove any emotional or energetical weeds so that you can align with your passion, vision, and more soul aligned clients. Pull energy!

With over 30 years of entrepreneur, management, and corporate experience, I look for ways to make

your life more efficient and how to grow your reach. I speak to your subconscious to clear what's holding you back, rewire healthy mindset patterns, and shine brighter in your business. We also keep an eye on your nervous system and core beliefs based on early child programming, so this doesn't sabotage you every time you want to grow or launch a new program. The feeling of excitement is paramount when your path is clear and you feel supported, seen, and heard.

I was born and raised outside Toronto by a loving single Mother. I never knew my dad, grew up 3rd generation Jehovah's Witness, left at 13, then married + divorced into a Baptist family. I was loved by my family, but I grew up feeling like I didn't have my own voice or had to walk on eggshells.

I was raised in a lot of fear, which lead to addiction not feeling secure. If you don't do this... or behave in this manner, you're not approved of, or the religion saying you’re going to die. Our past paves the way for our purpose and how we can help others. One thing I knew - No more scarcity mindset - we are meant for more!

In 2018 I started to learn how to heal my own depression cycles by following the @The Holistic Psychologist. Her work is incredible and I highly recommend her book How To Do the Work. Through this time I had a Spiritual Awakening and my intuitive gifts began to come in stronger. I studied the brain and effects of our childhood programming to heal the depression and a fear of being seen (criticism, rejection, or insert door to door jokes here lol) I learned about Quantum healing and how to tap into our inner consciousness.

I opened the @healingsoulschool with Virginia to teach spiritual entrepreneurs how to increase their confidence, how to run a consistent business, create packages & prices that are in line with your nervous system, and heal roots that keep you playing small. The authentic parts of our younger selves that learned to hide from fear, shame, not feeling safe to speak our truth and how to heal triggers.

You didn't come here for normal. I hold your hand as we elevate you, or your business and heal any parts of your past that may trip you up. Everything that happened has a purpose and a gift. Our greatest resistance is where our greatest gifts and power are, what we came to earth to evolve and heal, possibly as

a generational cycle breaker. We all have unmet needs and stories we took on in childhood that lead to unhealthy habits. It's time to use your gifts from the past, harness energy and intuition to your advantage,

shine bright in your business, where the people you are meant to help can find you.

The world needs your magic!


Ten years ago I had it all. A beautiful family, a beautiful home, a successful business, a couple of cool cars but why wasn’t I happy and fulfilled? I spent SO much time doing for everyone else; being of service in my family, in my business and in my community and I had no idea how to be of service to myself. I was suffering Corporate and Societal burn-out! I was so used to living in fight or flight from an earlier controlling and mentally abusive relationship and I felt alone in my service to others. I was exhausted. My adrenals were shot, my body was suffering pain and inflammation and I just couldn’t seem to find a balance. I pushed back, I fought to keep my head above water but I knew in my soul that something had to change. It was at that time I finally surrendered. Surrendering to what is in your highest and best is a powerful act indeed. But it leaves you open. Open to new opportunities and experiences that you may not have been open to before. Then I asked, how? How do I find balance? How do I bring happiness back into my soul life? How do I fill my cup so that I can continue to be of service to others in a bigger and better way? Opening up in this way to the Universe & reconnecting to my higher self, launched me onto a most amazing transformational healing journey!

Over the past 10 years we’ve moved from Ontario Canada to the country of Panama and back again. Gained two beautiful grandchildren, 2 more dogs and 2 cats. Transitioned to working from home and from another country. Transitioned out of a successful 20 year Logistics business. And created a rewarding Vacation Rental / Retreat Center business at our home in the rainforest of Panama.

Living in the jungle we truly felt held and supported by mother nature. It was such a healing and transformational space that we were called to share it with others. It was from this space that I heard the call to be of service to the world in a bigger way. But how? I bounced around trying a few different opportunities for a couple of years to see what felt good. And met my new friend and now business partner, Christine Cardoza, along the way. We aligned on the path to have a bigger impact on humanity. Together we have travelled a few different directions, worked through a few different programs but one idea that never wavered was the Healing Soul School. The initial creation idea behind the Healing Soul School was to be a multi-dimensional training centre. Where do we start? How do we serve the masses in our community? When we realized we were pushing to make things happen, to understand next steps and getting nowhere we surrendered. Surrendering to what is for your highest and best is the cocoon stage of your metamorphosis. That is how we view ourselves and our students. We are forever growing and transforming if we allow ourselves the space and time to do so. It has been a wonderful, expansive, heart-felt journey. Thank you for walking with us and joining our community. Together we will heal the world!

-Christine and Virginia